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Why Build a Contact Database?

Email has revolutionized the way businesses and organizations speak not only to one another, but to their clientele or following. It is a simple and quick way to relay a message to one or multiple contacts without much effort. A popular use of email, on a mass scale, is what is known as an email blast. You take a collected group of emails and share the same piece of information with the entirety of the list or a segmented portion of it. The more emails you collect, the larger the audience you can reach.

It is safe to say that if you have an email address, you have received an email blast, whether it be from your favorite clothing store or a charity you once donated to. Somewhere along the line, you gave your email to that company. It is a great way to spread messages like important meetings, seasonal offers, business promotions, social media review reminders, or even just as a way to gain reinforced recognition.

The issue is that many smaller organizations are not taking the time to build that email database. It can be as simple as asking customers for their email when they call or check out, or by having a signup form embedded into your website. Make sure to keep the information in an organized document that will allow you to easily import the emails into a database system, or to hand over to your marketing team for future use. JASM Consulting handles email blast campaigns regularly, reaching audiences of all sizes and interests. The quicker you can provide a contact list, they quicker they can begin sending out campaigns.

These campaigns can be tracked through analytics, revealing how many people opened the email, clicked your links, and even those who unsubscribed from your mailing list. This will help give you a good idea on what types of campaigns are working and how you might be able to adjust them according to your clientele.

Looking to optimize your email outreach, but don’t have the time or ability to do so? Call JASM Consulting today for help marketing your business or organization. We are here to help you grow and succeed within the modern age.

P.S. Make sure to get started on your email database now if you haven’t already! Help us help you!


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