February 16, 2020

The Importance of Professional Photography in Your Marketing Mix

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What do your company's photos say about your business?

Photography should reflect the quality of your product or service.

Quality marketing images give customers the impression that your company takes its work seriously. They say, “this company clearly made an effort and therefore can be trusted.” These days everyone has a camera phone, but that does not mean everyone is a professional photographer. Generic stock images are always an option, but cannot capture the unique attributes of your particular business. Whether taking pictures of your products, people or places, professional photographers bring crucial experience to understanding your company’s unique attributes and translating them into compelling imagery. The right photographer converts your brand into a visual story, allowing customers to make an emotional connection with your business.

Photography should add brand consistency and recognition.

Now more than ever, we are a visual culture. Images capture the imagination and help us understand context without having to read a lot of text. Professional photography will not only help you successfully tell your company story and engage with your audience, but create alignment across your brand. Through techniques like unique camera angles, consistent color themes or objects placed within the images, professional photography can create brand recognition in everything from print ads and promotional products to social media channels and your website. The idea is to have people instantly recognize your brand by an image alone.

Great photography should put your company in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Whether the photos in question are employee headshots, beautifully-crafted homes, a fleet of service vehicles or satisfied customers, professional commercial photography is a means by which companies like yours are communicating their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism. If you feel your business can benefit from a custom photo shoot, let’s talk.