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The Importance of Mixing Media

Presenting your brand through multiple media channels is useful when raising brand awareness and engagement. As technology advances, it is imperative to shift your brand’s media presence appropriately. With technology’s growth, consumers are changing the way they gain their information.

Your target audience is unique and we want to make sure you are reaching them at the right time and place. To do this, it is important to have information available in all stages of the buying cycle. Once you gain a consumer’s attention, you must then appeal to them enough to make their first purchase. Once they make their first purchase, your next goal is to actuate them into becoming a frequent customer.

Mixing media does not mean to spread sporadic messages throughout multiple platforms. It ensures consistent communication throughout the audience’s buying cycle by strategically releasing messages in different forms of media. No matter if the audience sees a traditional or digital ad, they can recognize your brand through any touch point throughout their cycle, in any platform.

Television and radio ads can be valuable to introduce your brand to consumers. Even if the consumer is not in the market for your product or service at the time of the exposure, when they are ready to begin a purchasing process, they might recall your advertisement because you made an impression.

At the start of any purchasing cycle, the buyer tends to research online to become aware of their buying options. For this stage, it is could be important to focus on social media and SEO (search engine optimization) to raise brand awareness. Today, it is common to have a smartphone or a computer. These devices are strong information transmitters that provides us with the ability to be more specific in our campaigns and communication.  Keep in mind, it is possible that your entire audience might not have access to a social media account. In which case, print ads with included URLs could be beneficial. Newspapers and magazines often contain more credibility and status than social media pages.

Once a customer shows interest in your brand, the need to obtain configures into the need to retain. It is helpful to use a different mix of media to influence them when choosing to purchase your product or service. Building rapport with your customers through customized email, direct mail and offers can leave customers feeling important to your business.

Our goal at JASM Consulting is to ensure that your brand is consistently communicating with your current and potential audiences in every appropriate angle to showcase the quality of your product or service. Give us a call so we can help you with all of your marketing needs.



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