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Your brand’s reputation is more than what appears in search results. Social media presence, reviews, mentions, blogs and many additional platforms showcase your brand’s reputation.

One common misconception of “reputation management” is that it only has to do with a crisis. While dealing with a crisis situation is a part of reputation management, it is not the sole purpose. Having a positive reputation online (and in person, of course) gives your business a competitive advantage. That is why having a person or team dedicated to reputation management is a key part to a successful business.

A fallback of online reviews is that many times it takes a negative experience for someone to write a review. Many believe that by posting and boosting positive aspects about their business, it will “bury” the negative reviews and comments online. That is not a solution. Here at JASM we would ensure that your customers and clients get the nudge they need to write positive reviews. Along with positive reviews, we would help you to address and resolve any negative reviews you may receive. While a negative review isn’t great for your reputation, if you are able to resolve the situation and help ease the cutomer’s feelings towards their experience, you may be able to push back on that negativity.

The reason a business should want reviews and online mentions and interactions from customers is because user-generated content is more “trusted.” It is more objective than branded content. Seeing a positive comment or review about your business could encourage a person, who may otherwise be hesitant, to use or try out your business. By encouraging customers to interact with your brand through contests and other posts, you are building a positive image of your brand.

It is important to have a strong presence on the social media outlets that pertain to your business. Some may say that a business should be on every social media option out there, but that isn’t necessarily true. Promoting a distinct brand is also key when managing your reputation. This means that you need to understand your brand, aside from just knowing what your logo looks like. What is the voice of your business? What type of message are you trying to convey? What audience are you trying to reach?

If someone were to post a negative review on Yelp, Google or another site, the best thing to do is have a plan set in place. If you are monitoring your brand’s online presence, you will be there to do damage control if the time comes.

Also, someone monitoring your brand’s reputation online makes it easier to improve. By seeing what others are saying (or not saying) online, a business owner can take corrective action to change or improve different aspects of the business. At JASM we monitor these online trends and make adjustments to seize opportunities in furthering and bettering your brand’s reputation.

As a busy business owner, you may not have the time necessary to devote to reputation management and you shouldn’t have to! Sale and profitability is your goal and marketing and advertising is ours! At JASM Consulting, we are experts in branding and brand management. We monitor and perform reputation management for our clients, as well as, numerous other marketing and advertising concepts.

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