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Importance of an Up-to-Date Website

Stale website on your hands? You’re not alone. Many are guilty of letting their blogs or websites fall to the wayside. While daily updates are hardly necessary, updating web content reaps great benefits.

It goes without saying that your website is a reflection of your business. To some, it may be the only part of it that they experience. The time has come to walk away from web pages cluttered with old phone numbers, broken links, and photos of long gone employees. 

Why does relevance matter?

When someone lands on your outdated website, it seems like you don’t care about your business, or that you’re out of operation completely. While ruining your credibility, you simultaneously make your competition look better. Web content that gets ignored by its creator receives the same attention from its audience, and over time this leads to a drastic decrease in traffic.

If your web content’s gone stale, chances are you’ll need to clean up what you’ve already got. Replace those broken links with new, better resources, and use high quality, recent photographs that showcase the best parts of your business. Keep up with the latest design trends, or hire someone to do it for you.

In with the old, out with the new

What if we told you it was possible to increase your websites traffic without posting anything new? Running a successful website or blog means that over time, you build an archival tool box of content and stats that most creators rarely use to their advantage. The secret is simple: update your old posts. By recycling and remodeling successful blog posts and web pages of the past, you can gain traffic while saving time.

Most web content becomes irrelevant over time. Keeping your content fresh helps with your SEO (search engine optimization) because search engines, like Google, prioritize recent content. Up-to-date posts and websites are promoted the same as new ones, so instead of constantly posting new content and covering temporal topics, focus on quality over quantity. 

How to keep it fresh 

Take a look at your website or blog and examine the content and stats in your archives to see what’s worked in the past. Keep an eye out for keywords that brought traffic or posts that once had a lot of interaction. Now you can rewrite some of those old posts with new, updated information, or reuse your research to transform them into videos, slideshows, or podcasts. If you’d rather ease yourself into using old content, try writing a follow-up to an old popular blog post.

The internet is a fast changing world, with styles, technology, and everything in between transforming daily. Keeping up often feels like an uphill battle. Before you throw in the towel, the JASM team is here to help. If you feel like your website’s in a slump, give us a call, shoot us an email, or hit us up on Facebook! 609-840-6173


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