Start 2017 Off Right

Time to Consider Your 2017 Marketing Plan

As 2016 comes to an end, look back at your marketing and advertising initiatives from the past year. Did it help you meet your goals? Did it bring you more business? Did you connect with more consumers than ever before because of it?

Regardless of whether you answered yes or no to those questions, a new, fresh marketing plan is key to success in 2017. You have something to work off of, and are ready to make improvements. The media and marketing world is constantly changing, so it is key for a business to evolve their marketing plan from year to year to match new trends.

First, evaluate last year’s successes and failures before establishing your 2017 budget. Look at sales and revenue from 2016 to learn which marketing techniques worked best for you in helping to meet your goals and which could use some work. Your general budget should be based on the number of people and amount of money required to run your marketing campaign, how much you have available to invest, and how quickly you want to see results. Consider investing in one or two new aspects of marketing this year that you didn’t do last year. Branching out to new marketing techniques makes it even easier to expand your brand’s reach.

Next, acquire feedback from your customers and learn why they chose your business over your competitor’s. Confirm your differentiators and use them to lead in your marketing and branding methods. Identify your “ideal customer profile” to better understand who you should direct your marketing towards and which marketing options would be most successful. The content you produce should not only attract new buyers, but should cater to your current relationships.

Look ahead at your 2017 calendar of events and milestones. May it be an open house, a holiday, or brand specific event, items like these are perfect marketing opportunities. Work ahead of time to gather ideas for marketing campaigns which could drive even more business during those times in the new year.

Allow the passion that drove you to start your business shine through in your marketing campaign this coming year. We know owing a business can be tiring and time consuming, but here at JASM we strive to make marketing achievable for all, no matter the budget or availability! There are an outstanding number of marketing and advertising tools today, such as, email, social media, print advertising, radio, PR, and search engine marketing available to help boost your business. They may not all be best suited for your individual business, but the key is to select which methods will benefit your business the most. That is where JASM Consulting comes into play. We target which modes of advertising and marketing would be most effective for your type of business. From there, we develop an expert marketing plan catered specifically to YOUR business and throughout the year we will execute that plan to meet your goals.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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