How Social Media Fits in Your Marketing Mix

We were recently talking with one of our newer clients about the next steps in implementing their brand. We casually passed over the all-too-common phrase “social media” to be met with a look of confusion. “What exactly is social media?” our client asked. Valid question. You hear the term bandied about on a regular basis, but you may not fully grasp the concept, or why social media is so vital to the success of your brand.

What is Social Media?

At JASM, we define social media as any online platform that allows two-way, symmetrical communication between your company or organization and its audience. Three of the most popular and readily-used social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is a real-time streamline of information. Instagram is an aesthetic platform focusing on eye-catching photos, and Facebook is your one-stop-shop for sharing large text content, pictures and videos. Each social media platform offers its own unique qualities, making some a better match than others for driving awareness about your particular brand.

Let’s look at an example. While many may associate Twitter with celebrity rants, businesses across the globe are finding value in using Twitter. With more than 300 million monthly active users, it’s an effective way to connect with current and potential customers. For the Ocean City School District, JASM created a Twitter account in order to quickly disseminate key information and generate a sense of community.

We continue to promote and manage the Twitter account for this client, so parents and students can easily access information on breaking news without a lot of excess content getting in the way. With 1,100 followers, it’s proven to be an effective way to interact and engage with the greater school community.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media

New research shows that decision making is an entirely emotionally process. A neuroscientist named Antonio Damasio conducted research with people who had damaged the part of their brain where emotions are shaped. This in turn completely hindered their decision making abilities. They could describe what they should do logically, but simple decisions like what to eat were unable to be made.

What could eating possibly have to do with social media branding? If you look at social media for a greater purpose than the usual funny video or cute baby picture (which we love, too), you’ll realize that social media is an emotionally-based platform for communication that can reach a grand scale of people.

By posting to social media, you are actively engaging your customers on an emotional level. When a user begins to follow you on social media, it’s as if they’re welcoming you into their personal lives. It is after all called “friending,” “following,” and “liking.” The way you make followers feel, and the trustworthy relationship you can form as a part of their social sphere, will can improve your business through increased brand recognition, website traffic generation, improved brand loyalty and the opportunity to convert followers into customers.

How JASM Can Help You

Social media is a spectacular tool in creating increased brand trust and credibility. But for most business owners, getting started can be challenging. The research, formation, upkeep, and analysis of results that make up any successful social media plan can seem daunting. JASM is here to help. We are ready to take all the great things you are doing, package them for social media sharing, and measure the success with analytics.

Our social media efforts have created some significant gains for our clients. We were able to transform the Johnson’s Popcorn Instagram account from dormant to close to 1,000 active followers. JASM works with a wide array of organizations, from attorneys and a gaming company to a religious organization and an energy-solutions specialist. All have benefited from quality content and a strong social media strategy.

Social media is the most affordable, effective and fastest-growing way to improve communications with current customers and reach potential new business. JASM has the knowhow to build, increase, revamp or maintain your social media presence. So give us a call, shoot us an email, or even message us on Facebook! Our diversification and production may say large agency, but our work ethic and personal relationship fundamentals ensure that we are here to better your brand with a personal touch.


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