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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Your business has a Facebook, an Instagram, and a Twitter. You post for free numerous times a week about content relevant to your business and what you are all about. You’ve got this social media marketing thing under control, right? In reality, it’s probably not the case. Most small businesses make the mistake of not utilizing paid social and organic social to its fullest potential.

The amount of social media users has climbed to over 2 billion which makes it one of the largest markets we have ever seen. However, if your business is only using social media to post organically, that type of post is reaching less than 2 percent of your audience and with the paid social business currently booming, you could potentially reach even less in the future.

On the other hand, if your business is only using paid social media tactics, you are missing out on personal, reliable, and informative communication with your existing consumers. You want to use your organic social to really build relationships and post often to maintain an online presence.

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient parts of a marketing strategy. It starts out free! Signing up and creating a social media account requires no cost. Taking advantage of the paid advertising options is up to the business owner, but it is something that we strongly encourage and utilize for our clients.  

Here at JASM Consulting, we believe that your brand is more than just a product or service. Your brand has a voice and we can make sure that it’s heard by using social media marketing. We are experts in organic and paid social advertising and would love to bring your brand to life. Call Aimee today at 609-840-6173 to get started!


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