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6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an Outside Marketing Team

Deciding whether your small business could use some assistance in the marketing department? Not sure if you should hire an outside marketing team or just another employee with marketing experience? Think no further, because we are about to tell you exactly what you need to know. The answer to your question is that your small business can definitely benefit from more marketing, and an offsite team is the way to go.

1. You’re Busy Doing What You Do Best… Running Your Business

You have your hands full as it is managing your employees, creating product, keeping customers happy, handling bills, and the millions of other tasks that come with owning your own business. The problem is, you know a marketing plan will do you good. Hiring a marketing team will allow you to free up time for the things only you can do, while others works solely on improving your business and expanding its reach.


2. Sometimes You Need an Outsider’s Perspective

Every business needs a brand, and a lot of time, owners are too close to their business to properly develop it. An outside marketing team can help see how your business is currently being portrayed to the public and how to then market it for everything it’s worth. They can share the brand with others in ways you may have never thought necessary or possible. Plus, they know what social platforms suit you and the best content to provide.


3. It Is Easy to Forget Many Key Aspects of Marketing

Marketing is much more than creating a logo, posting to Facebook a few times a month, and putting an advertisement in the local paper. There will probably be tactics that don’t even cross your mind, including blogs, email blast campaigns, PPC (pay per click) campaigns, page analytics, SEO research, radio advertisements, press releases, and many, many more! Every day, new methods of marketing and technology are appearing, making it impossible to keep up with everything by yourself.


4. Professional Skills and Creativity

You will be paying people who do all of this for a living. They understand what is needed to set your business apart from the competition. They have the stamina to work for hours upon hours on the same campaign, making it bigger and better. Coming up with new website content and design, blog ideas, social media posts, and advertisements can be tiring and tedious for one or two people. A marketing team has the time and fresh set of collaborative minds to do just that.


5. They Have Contacts You Don’t

Marketing agencies keep a list of press and media contacts on hand to use at any moment. The more people they are able to reach out to, the better the chances of your business being exposed. Odds are, they are already close with some of their contacts and will have enhanced response rates. They also know how to present your business in the most effective manner. This process often requires many follow-up emails and phone calls that you might not have time to complete.


6. It Is More Cost Efficient Than Hiring a New Employee

Many business owners tend to lean towards hiring another employee to handle their marketing, rather than an outside team. The problem here, is that they do not consider how much it will cost them in the long run. When hiring a new employee, you have to account for base salary, and, depending on your size company, fixed expenses including federal, state and/or local taxes, as well as health insurance, retirement plan matches, vacation days, sick days, etc. You may also have to add in the cost of training, which all makes up for a hefty price. An outside team only requires a monthly fee, and any added additional needs for your specific company. It comes out to thousands a thousand less a year. Remember, aside from costs, the downfall of hiring an employee or two is limited access to all of the skills, creativity, and resources you could have from an outside agency.



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